The Jaguar E-type. Can you think of another car that evokes such an overwhelmingly positive and misty-eyed response amongst gearheads old and young, male and female as the E-type? Enzo Ferrari made a few beautiful cars himself, but admitted the E-type was, "The most beautiful car ever made."

The car was painted Old English White and fitted with wire wheels and power steering. When I first saw it it was parked just inside a workshop with sunlight draping across it's long bonnet. I had only previously seen an E-type from a distance - most recently whilst spewing through the chicane at the Goodwood Revival.

Up close and the E-type is even prettier in the metal than it is in photos. It sits lower than you might imagine. And whilst the bonnet is long in proportion it's actually quite a compact car. The V12 writ large under the bonnet, although those lumps and bumps are present on even the 6 cylinder model, and the passenger compartment and boot squidged into the rear half of the car.

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