Ford Mondeo is 20 - let Ray Winstone tell you about it

The Ford Mondeo has been around for 20 years. In that time Ford has sold 4.5 million Mondeos across Europe, including 1.4 million in the UK. It was a flop in the US though.

To celebrate the anniversary Ford has put together this brilliant video, voiced by Ray Winstone. It's the best advert for the Mondeo I've ever… » 9/24/13 9:17am 9/24/13 9:17am

BMW M235i coupe photos - Amazingly it's a looker!

This is the BMW M235i almost entirely free from disguise. In fact the only disguise it has is a bin bag on the boot.

Incredibly the boys from Bavaria have managed to design a well proportioned car with decent looking headlights and flanks that don't look as if they've melted in the sun. Even the grille, which has… » 5/17/13 4:55am 5/17/13 4:55am