Ooh that'll be good. I drove the last gen Cayman R which was brilliant and this gen Cayman S which was also brilliant. A GT4 will be brilliantererer, and sod the naysayers who don't like turbos. All Porsches will have a turbo in a few years so get used to it » 7/02/14 11:59am 7/02/14 11:59am

My crappy, hateful, boring old VW Passat 1.9 TDi estate, that I bought when my son was born because I thought I should have an estate, did 50 mpg (42 mpg in the US) however much I punished it. It never broke down BTW, was just the most boring car on earth » 7/01/14 11:53am 7/01/14 11:53am